Silo 2021.3 with new Array Replicate tool is here!
Silo 2021.3 with new Array Replicate tool is here!
3D Modeling / September 28th, 2021     A+ | a-
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Milo 2021.2 is released and is ready for you to download!

The new update features the new Array Replicate tool, which will mass duplicate and arrange an object (or set of objects) in a grid along one to three axes, with options for randomizing placement, rotation, scale, and blend shape sliders. It's perfect for arranging anything you want a lot of, either in a perfect grid or with randomization, such as trees, cobblestones, flocks of birds, and much more! We can't wait to see what you create with it.

Note that for clarity we also renamed the last update's new feature, Repeat Object, to Chain Replicate (which will repeat an object as many times as you like following the pattern set by the first two objects in the sequence.) We also renamed Silo's old Array function (which duplicates an object at each vertex of a second, template object) to Object-Templated Array.

The update is FREE for all users who purchased Silo & Milo from within the last year; simply follow the link in the prompt when you open the app or download the new version from the Silo webpage.

If you need to purchase an upgrade to your license (or want to check if you need to), you can do so at


What's new in 2021.3?
  • Added new Array Replicate function for mass-duplicating objects with variation
  • Renamed Array to Object-Templated Array
  • Renamed Repeat Object to Chain Replicate

Short video on the new features:

Enjoy! As always, we love to hear from you—send us an email at, or reach out via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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