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CameraBag year in review, plus more to come in 2023!
Video/Image Editing / February 16th, 2023     A+ | a-
We added tons of new features to CameraBag in 2022, and many more are coming in 2023!

CameraBag had an eventful last year with a bunch of handy, innovative new features added across its several 2022 updates. Included were video export features (for slideshows and converting any image and audio file into a video), improved preset navigation and the killer workflow-enhancing Session Presets concept, masking and text enhancements, bug fixes, and much more. See below for details, and watch this space for exciting things in 2023!

If you purchased or upgraded CameraBag from our site within the last year, you can download the latest update for free! If you already own a CameraBag license, you can upgrade your existing license to get the latest version plus a full additional year of updates. If you are new to CameraBag, you can buy a new license of CameraBag Pro or CameraBag Photo, which automatically includes a full year of free updates from your date of purchase.


CameraBag 2022.0: Create Videos from Image and Audio Files
The 2022.0 release of CameraBag added the ability to take any image and audio file and combine them into a video file! This new feature is perfect for podcasters, musicians, and others who have audio files they want to easily share on YouTube, Instagram, and other video-sharing sites. Just load and edit any image, choose an audio file, and export them as a combined video. The resulting video file will be your edited image displayed continuously while the audio plays. With CameraBag Pro you can even use the audio track of another video file to create your exported video.

CameraBag 2022.1: Bokeh Light Effects
With CameraBag 2022.1 came the addition of a handy new effect: Bokeh Lights! Bokeh is the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image with shallow depth-of-field, and points of light in these areas can produce beautiful lighting artifacts that CameraBag can realistically simulate. It’s a great effect for making everything from wedding shots to night photography just that bit more magical (but don’t overdo it!).

CameraBag 2022.2: Slideshow Export
Slideshow export was added to CameraBag with the 2022.2 release. It's the perfect way to take a group of photos from a trip or event and relive the memories in a single, shareable video. (To create a slideshow with CameraBag, simply choose File > Create Slideshow. You'll be prompted to select all your images, select a few options, pick a video size, and export to any of our supported video formats.)

CameraBag 2022.3: Capture Desktop Screenshot, Bake Adjustments, and Updates to Text Overlay
CameraBag 2022.3 brought three handy new features! The new Capture Desktop Screenshot hides CameraBag and takes a screenshot of everything else on the desktop for easy editing or export. The new Bake Adjustments takes all your adjustment tiles and bakes them directly into the image, reducing image processing time and clutter if you've got a lot of adjustments. Also the Text Overlay adjustment got an upgrade so it can remember your ten most recently-used fonts.

CameraBag 2022.4: Improved Preset Navigation, Expanded EXIF Support
Useful new day-to-day features were the focus of CameraBag 2022.4. With this release, we added a new button to the full-screen preset Quicklooks view, which pops open a menu to allow you to easily jump to any preset section. We also expanded the EXIF info in the View > Media Info window, which now includes info on a photo’s camera settings, date taken, and a button that will open Google Maps in your web browser to show you its GPS location (when this info is included in the photo’s EXIF data).

CameraBag 2023.0: Session Presets and Masking Enhancements
CameraBag 2023 added the major workflow-enhancing concept of Session Presets! Session Presets are like regular presets but faster (no needing to choose a name) and temporary (they’re deleted each time you quit CameraBag). They’re designed to let you quickly save and revisit different versions of your edits for a given photo, so you can easily compare and choose the best among them. Each of the adjustment masks also had a Preview Color setting added, letting you preview the mask’s affected areas in the chosen color.

Each of the above updates is included FREE for any licenses/upgrades that were purchased within a year from that update's release. If you need to purchase an upgrade to your license (or see the latest version that is included with your license), go to

We love to hear from you—send us an email at, or reach out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. We want to hear your thoughts so we can keep updating with your requests, and we love to see what you are creating!

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