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Silo 2022.0 Beta 2 Ready, Tons of Fixes and Improvements
News & Announcements / April 13th, 2022     A+ | a-

Dear Silo Users,

We’re happy to announce the release of Silo 2022.0 Beta 2! This is a really big update, and in addition to dozens of bug fixes includes some really handy new features (like making each options window for tools and shapes open their own window rather than reusing the same one, material changes and creasing being added to the undo stack, and much improved usability in numerical entry fields).


We’ve included a list of changes below for you to peruse, but go ahead and download it for yourself via the button above, try it out, and let us know what you think! We’ve responded to tons of bug reports and suggestions sent to us via the Send Feedback menu item in the Help menu in the app.

Enjoy! As always, we love to hear from you and see what you're working on—reach out via Facebook, TwitterYouTube, or Instagram.

Happy modeling,


Changes and Fixes (Since Silo 2022.0 Beta 1):
  • Made tools each use their own window rather than reusing the same window across tools, and added a generic Tool Options windows that will update to any tool
  • Improved numerical field interaction—you can still click and drag up and down to adjust the value, but can more easily select text; plus improved response with hover scrolling over the value
  • Restored subdividing of line segments (edges without any faces attached)
  • Added material creation, editing, and application to the undo stack
  • Added edge creasing to the undo stack
  • Added notification when a texture file is auto reloaded
  • Added file format updates from 2021.5 (including svg import), and fixed further stl format bugs
  • Made stl files import colors used as materials
  • Made fbx export preserve blend shape target names
  • Made new materials full white by default for easier use with textures
  • Improved Cut Tool, Edge Tool, Polygon Tool, Draw Topology Tool, and Surface Tool reliability/predictability and bug fixes
  • Improved surface snapping, now works in object mode, applies per-vertex in vertex mode
  • Improved zoom performance/smoothness
  • Improved window naming for several options windows
  • Fixed several bugs with UV unwrapping for faces with holes
  • Fixed several bugs with manipulators for Bevel, Slide, Extrude, etc
  • Fixed highlight radius bug in several tools
  • Fixed bug where selection highlighting didn’t show when soft selection was enabled
  • Fixed several bugs in Chain Replicate
  • Fixed up display bugs in many places for improved drawing
  • Fixed display bugs in multiple manipulators
  • Fixed several bugs on geometry undo
  • Fixed several bugs on UV undo
  • Fixed material application bug on subdivided shapes
  • Fixed triangulation errors
  • Fixed bugs in Refine Control Mesh
  • Fixed bug where viewport background images appeared dim
  • Fixed copy/paste, extrude, and local move bugs for faces with holes
  • Fixed several bugs when scaling instances
  • Fixed bugs where changes in scene editor didn’t show in object properties window, and vice versa
  • Fixed bug where deleting parent object in scene didn’t also delete related instances
  • Fixed bug in shell distance
  • Fixed bug with UV seam toggling
  • Fixed several crashing bugs
  • Further improved memory handling
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