Nevercenter is a small group of software artists making the kind of creative software we most enjoy using—for 3D graphics, photo editing, color grading, writing, pixel art, and more.
Standalone 3D modeling and UV mapping for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. The perfect tool for achieving 3D modeling zen. Filter-focused photo editing and film emulation for Mac and PC. Best of Mac App Store award winner. Ultra-intuitive tools for filtering and editing photos and videos. An essential addition to any filmmaker's toolset. Resolution-independent pixel art software. A revolutionary new approach to pixel art, now available on MacOS and Windows.
The standard for classic photography on iOS. Beautiful filters in a Universal app for iPhone and iPad. The latest mobile version of our award-winning photo software. Available on iOS. A better music player for your car. Designed for ease of use in your own beautiful personalized style. Minimal, project-based writing for your Mac. Keep documents together as a single project, organized in an easy-to-rearrange tree.
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We also have a hobby making video games for iOS and Android, which have won some neat awards and which we think you might love!
Fox Solitaire is all about making tricky decisions, developing strategies, and trying to keep your options open. Can you make it through the entire deck? I gather fire for warmth. I gather acorns for sustenance. I gather arrows for defense. Then the bears come. Featuring a stunningly simple and award-winning design, Shibuya Grandmaster is a game of depth and old-school challenge that will have you honing your skills for years.
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