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A Whole New Approach to Pixel Art
Pixelmash brings a whole new approach to pixel art by letting you paint or import high-resolution images, then non-destructively pixelize and apply other layer effects to turn it into amazing pixel art. Watch the trailer here.
Pixelmash's Resolution-Independence Lets You Do Really Cool Things...
Like create animations using layer transforms rather than having to paint every frame pixel-by-pixel.
Or make outlines, shading, and dithering easily adjustable by having them applied as layer effects.
Or easily create different resolutions and color variants of the same image.
Or convert photos or other hi-res artwork into pixel art using layer effects and the resolution slider.
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Pixelmash is a pixel art editor that is great for retro-styled 2D game art, and Silo is a focused and lightning-fast 3D modeling app that works hand-in-hand with game engines like Unity and Unreal for 3D games; together they make a great pair to support any game project.

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Example Project Files
One of the best ways to understand how powerful Pixelmash is and how it works is to take a look at some sample project files and mess around with them. Try taking a look at these! Make something great in Pixelmash? Tweet it to @nevercenter with #pixelmash!
Version History
Download the latest beta using any of the download links above
or by clicking here
1.0.20 (Latest)
• Layers can now have custom pivots by dragging the center handle in the transform tool - using parented layers you can now make fully rigged pixel art characters
• Added ability to export selected layer only (trimmed to layer bounds)
• Repeat layer effect added
• Color dropper tool now ignores grid lines and other interface elements
• Added Coloring Style option to Colorize layer effect
• Additional bug fixes and speed improvements
• Much more to come, stay tuned!
•Added Pencil tool for drawing lines at width of current pixelized resolution
•Added Fill tool
•Updated shortcuts to match other drawing apps better, and added keyboard shortcuts for brush resizing
•Improved painting speed
•Added ability to paint straight line segments using right-click within brush/pencil tools
•Added menu item to create new layer at the pixelized resolution (rather than full high project resolution)
•Added menu item to bake layer resolution/effects (rather than entire project resolution/effects)
•Hid the registration serial from startup screen (useful for anyone streaming pixelmash sessions)
•Added opacity slider to layer controls
•Added ability to mask children layers to parent layer pixels
1.0.00 RC1
•Added palette import/export
•Added ability to create gradients in palette
•Added new Auto Shade effect (rounded and directional)
•Exported animated gifs now include transparency
•Made nested layers collapsible
•Reduced size of exported pngs
•Changed paint brush modifiers - Shift now erases and Control/Command performs masked painting
•Added layer axis mirroring to Mirror effect
•Improved layer selection
•You can now transform layers on X/Y axes independently
•Added ability to resize project
•Added ability to reorder layer effect color lists by dragging
•You can now hold shift to constrain transforms to horizontal/vertical axes only
•Added sample files menu item
•Added ability to paste only the transform from layer copied to clipboard
•You can now select multiple palette colors at once to delete
•Improved export workflow
•Other bug fixes and workflow improvements
Beta 7
•Layers are now nestable
•Click to select layers in workspace
•Layer effects can be copied and pasted
•Added ability to export sprite sheets
•Added color palettes (saved with project files)
•Animation frames can be copied and pasted
•Added support for onion skinning with animation
•Animation frames can now additionally be based only on transforms or only on layer visibility
•New options for outline effect, including for tinted coloring based on existing layer colors
•Added new noise effect
•Added random option to dither effect patterns
•Added startup buttons in the interface to create/load files
•Many UI improvements/refinements
•Improved memory usage
•Added undo for layer reordering
•File extension changed to .pmf
•New app logo/icon
Beta 6
•Notable painting speed improvements
•Updated layer transform tool to rotate and scale around the center of the layer’s contents instead of the full layer bounds
•Increased maximum resolution to 2048 pixels
•Transitioned beta to an extended time trial (100 days), each new beta will renew time trial
•Added Mask Unmatched Colors checkbox to Restrict Color Palette II effect
•Tweaked tolerance sliders on Color Key, Remap Color, and Restrict Color Palette II effects
•Bug fixes
Beta 5
•Added animation panel for animating layer transforms and visibility
•Added export to animated gif
•Added Masked Brush tool to paint only where pixels already exist
•Added Dither effect
•Dramatically improved painting speed
•Made side panel windows resizable
•Bug fixes
Beta 4
•Added transform tool to scale, rotate, and move layers
•Added Import option to bring an image file into your current document
•Added Restrict Color Palette II effect
•Added Remap Color effect
•Added Auto Color effect
•Improved accuracy in pixel sampling
Beta 3
•Fixed transparency bug on export on Windows
•Added Smooth style option for outline effect
Beta 2
•First public release!
Here's our roadmap of some of the things we plan to implement next:
•Per-frame layer images
•Animation in-between frames
•Per-layer animation attributes
•Export/import layer effects presets
•Custom dithering patterns
•Improved palette support
•Many more layer effects (send us your ideas)
•Vector-based tools/layers
•What else? You tell us!
To send us your feedback about Pixelmash, please email us at We'd love to hear about bug reports, feature requests, and any other ideas you have! .
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You can try Pixelmash free for 7 days. At any point, you can purchase a license to unlock the time restriction and register the program on your system.

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System Requirements
  • MacOS 10.9 or newer, 64-bit Intel
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10, 64-bit
  • 1GB RAM, 100 MB hard drive space