Find your own style at the press of a button.

Infinicam is a process of photographic discovery and sharing. With each press of the New Camera button, Infinicam generates a new and unique randomized camera style (represented by a 7-digit code) which combines a wide array of photographic effects borrowed from analog cameras and film.

Any filter effect can be framed by a border of your choice (swipe up and down to change the border, or select from the list). Infinicam features many high-quality film-style borders to choose from, as well as simple black or white borders, or no border at all.

Infinicam is no longer being developed; we maintain this page for legacy users/questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I save a photo? How do I email a photo?
Emailing and saving are done from the same button. Click the Save icon (looks like a floppy disk) and you'll get a pop up menu. You can then specify the size to save at, and either save the edited photo to your iPhone photo library or email it.

How do I delete a photo?
You can erase saved photos by exiting Infinicam, going into your iPhone photo gallery, selecting the photo you would like to delete, and clicking on the trash can icon.

I found a great filter. How do I save it?
To add a filter to your Favorites list, simply toggle the star-switch to the star setting. That filter will be added to your Favorites list, and you will be prompted to give it a name of your choosing.

How do I delete a Favorite filter?
Simply select that filter (so you see it on your photo), and then toggle the star-switch to the dot. The filter will be removed from your Favorites list.

How many "Favorites" do I get? How many "History" items?
There is a theoretically-unlimited number of Favorites that you can store. Infinicam stores 10 filters in the History list.

What do the codes mean? How do they work?
First, the best thing about the codes is that you can share them with your friends. When you discover a great filter, you can either tell them the code or email them a photo with that filter applied from within the app, and they will be able to use the same filter in their device's Infinicam app.

Most of the code just deals with the inner workings of the app. The last digit, however, tells the app which border to use:
0 - No Border
1 - Simple White
2 - Simple Black
3 - Eroded
4 - Paper
5 - Dirty
6 - Infini 50
7 - Cut
8 - Safety
9 - Glass Plate
A - 47mm Square
B - Notched
C - Rounded
D - Square Slide
E - Red Slide
F - White Slide
G - 35mm Bleed
H - 75mm Strip

I accidentally deleted a standard Favorite filter and I want it back! What do I do?
This is an easy fix. Simply enter in the appropriate code to get it back:
Q5E-23G8 - Autochrome
P1D-CE0B - Bebop
VUE-HYRA - Breakin
NGV-C022 - Document
A9G-ZZ56 - Golden Hour
KLJ-KA9G - Leaky Film
8EG-MVXF - Lost Vacation
000-0000 - Original
SOB-1F54 - Pinhole
05P-Z9M1 - Poolside
EHI-6YH7 - Shibuya
YX1-XAT5 - Soviet

When will the next update come out?
Infinicam is no longer being developed.
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