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RAW files and CameraBag
Curious about CameraBag's RAW support? Having trouble with a specific RAW file type? Read below to learn a bit about how the RAW image support in CameraBag works and how to get RAW files types working on your system if you are having trouble.

CameraBag uses the image file support in your operating system (so whatever support is included with with the OS, plus whatever codecs/drivers have been installed). MacOS, Windows 7, Windows 10, and so forth, all have a set of file types they support as part of the basic installation of operation system*. Updates to the OS can add additional image support, and camera manufacturers also release supporting files (drivers/codecs) as needed to allow these systems to natively open their RAW file types.

So any RAW image file type that can natively open on your computer (such as in the system's built-in image preview mode) will open in CameraBag, but any file type that CANNOT natively open will not open in CameraBag. For both Windows and macOS users this support comes with each OS update, plus the installation of the additional support files camera companies release.

A quick search on the internet should help you find these additional supporting files; try searching for your OS version and the RAW file type (or specific camera name) for which you are trying to find support. For example: "Windows 7 ARW driver" or "open DNG files Windows 10".

Below are some of the more common file requests that we have recently looked up for individuals:

If you still aren't able to get your RAW file type to open after installing supporting files, if you contact we'll be happy to help! Please include an example RAW image file that does not open on your system, plus your OS version and the steps you have taken to install the additional camera manuafacturer codecs.

* For example here is a list of RAW file format support for macOS High Sierra