Sneak Peeks and News for Milo, CameraBag, Pixelmash, and Silo
Sneak Peeks and News for Milo, CameraBag, Pixelmash, and Silo
News & Announcements / October 5th, 2021     A+ | a-
We have news about coming updates for Milo, CameraBag, and Pixelmash, plus: don't miss the recent Silo 2021.3 update!

Use your Silo license code to get your personal update link here: Nevercenter Update Page

Take a look below for some sneak peeks at what's coming up next in your favorite Nevercenter software:

Wireframes, Alpha, and Adjustable Depth-of-Field in Milo
Milo will soon include adjustable camera depth-of-field, adjustable wireframe rendering (including iso lines on subdivided models), and texture map alpha channel support!

Matte, Text Drop Shadows, and More in CameraBag
Coming soon to CameraBag: a new Matte adjustment for a quick, adjustable matte/fade look, drop shadows added in the Text Overlay adjustment (with adjustable strength and radius), and improvements to watermark rendering on watermarks with variable transparency.

Glow and Shadow Effects in Pixelmash
We've been hard at work updating Pixelmash with glow and drop shadow effects, plus several quality of life improvements—look for them in the next update!

#ICYMI, Silo 2021.3 with Array Replicate
Finally, in case you missed it, Silo 2021.3 was released last week and is ready for you to download! The new update features the new Array Replicate tool, which will mass duplicate and arrange an object (or set of objects) in a grid along one to three axes, with options for randomizing placement, rotation, scale, and blend shape sliders. Video:

As always, we love to hear from you—send us an email at, or reach out via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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