Milo Update: more fundamentals
Milo Update: more fundamentals
3D Modeling / October 22nd, 2019     A+ | a-

The past couple of weeks we've been largely focused on the upcoming new version of CameraBag, but we've also quietly made good progress on fundamentals in Milo. We created a new selection system and have face and object selections (with multi-select) and manipulation working with the new system. This was more complex than it may sound, but the result is a very solid foundation. It's fun to start being able to play with shapes while all the realtime rendering capabilities of UE are active.

We also enabled and tested raytracing support, and all is working there. We'll need to grab a newer graphics card at some point, though, before we can really see that shine and have something to show you all. We're excited to try it out more fully in the future!


[edit: whoops, sorry about that offset cursor in the gif]

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