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Pixelmash year in review, plus more to come in 2023!
Pixel Art / January 24th, 2023     A+ | a-
We added tons of new features to Pixelmash in 2022, and many more are coming in 2023!

This last year Pixelmash grew in so many ways, including the ability to create and edit non-destructive vector-based layers (plus SVG file importing), video support, layer blend modes, and more (see release summaries below). Watch this space for the many updates we have coming to Pixelmash throughout 2023!

If you purchased or upgraded Pixelmash from our site within the last year, you can download the latest update for free! If you already own a Pixelmash license, you can upgrade your existing license to get the latest version plus a full additional year of updates. If you are new to Pixelmash, you can buy a new license, which automatically includes a full year of free updates from your date of purchase.


Pixelmash 2022.0: Dynamic Vector Layer Support through SVG File Importing
As of Pixelmash 2022.0, you can begin your design work in vector art software, and then effortlessly convert it into pixel art by importing into Pixelmash as an SVG file. Pixelmash’s advanced animation, layer effects, and dynamic resolution tools let you quickly transform these non-destructive layers into beautiful assets for your video game or art projects.

Pixelmash 2022.1: Video Exporting
Pixelmash 2022.1 introduced exporting animations as video files, not just as gifs. This is useful for all sorts of purposes, including making it easy to bring your animation into any video editing app (such as our own CameraBag Pro), or upload it to sites such as YouTube or Instagram that don't support animated gifs. To export your animation as a video, simply choose a video format from the extension list when exporting, after which you can choose the number of times you want your animation to loop in the video.

Pixelmash 2022.2: Fully-Editable Vector Layer Support
Pixelmash 2022.2 brought a revolution to pixel art with fully editable vector layers. As of this update, you can create, edit, and animate vector-based pixel art with ease, including animation tweening! Seamlessly mix and match vector layers with traditional pixel layers, and of course all of Pixelmash’s powerful layer effects work on any vector layer just like they would on a standard pixel layer.

Pixelmash 2022.3: Layer Blend Modes and Vector Snapping Tools
Layer blend modes, familiar to Photoshop users and introduced in Pixelmash 2022.3, are a powerful way to change how layers are rendered on top of layers below them, and make it easier to create advanced coloring and lighting effects. This update also added the ability to hold down Shift while dragging bezier nodes and handles for pixel/angle snapping, making it much easier to use vector layers for precise, straight-edged shapes.

Pixelmash 2023.0: New Color Adjustments and Reflection Effects
Pixelmash 2023.0 brought a new Color Adjustments effect with sliders to control exposure, saturation, contrast, and hue shift, for when you need to tweak all the colors in a layer together. The Mirror layer effect was also improved and expanded to better support things like reflections in floors or water, including an opacity slider and a pixel offset amount. This update also included several smaller handy workflow improvements.

Each of the above updates is included FREE for any licenses/upgrades that were purchased within a year from that update's release. If you need to purchase an upgrade to your license (or see the latest version that is included with your license), go to

We love to hear from you—send us an email at, or reach out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. We want to hear your thoughts so we can keep updating with your requests, and we love to see what you are creating!

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