Features and Tools
Silo Tools Series (Beginner)
Learn the basics of modeling in Silo, including creating, viewing, selecting, and modifying 3D objects. Then watch short videos demonstrating some of Silo's key tools and features.

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Modeling Tutorials
Glen Southern's Alien: Point-by-Point Modeling Series (Advanced)
Glen Southern models an alien using a point-by-point technique. Includes text explanations, links to Wiki content, and additional model files and reference images. Nine part series.

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Glen Southern's Minotaur: Box Modeling Series (Advanced)
Box modeling series in which Glen Southern models a minotaur. Includes text explanations, links to Wiki content, and additional model files and reference images. Ten part series.

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Modeling A Car by Matt Connors (Intermediate)
Matt Connors models an Austin-Healey Sprite in Silo. Series page includes text explanations, links to Wiki content, and additional model files. Four part series.

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Sword Creation by Mirko (Intermediate)
Mirko Haenssgen explains how to create a medieval sword in Silo. Series page includes text explanations and links to Wiki content. Two part series.

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Modeling Basics (Beginner)
Learn essential Silo concepts through simple modeling tasks. A great watch in conjunction with the Silo Tools tutorial video series.

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Glen Southern's Silo Fundamentals Series (Beginner)
Beginner series by Glen Southern meant to teach the Silo fundamentals. Series page includes text explanations and links to Wiki content. Eleven part series.

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GuerrillaCG 3D Modeling Series (Beginner)
A great set of modeling tutorials put together by Guerrilla3G; take a look and learn about the basic concepts in 3D modeling. (Not Silo-specific.) Five videos: The Polygon, Multisided Polygons, Objects, Primitives, and Subdivision Artifacts.

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Download Silo
Thanks! You can use Silo free for 30 days with no restrictions.

After the trial period expires you can continue to use Silo as a learning version which will let you modify and save models with fewer than 50 polygons.

Please select the version for your system:

Windows 7 or newer, 32-bit
Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit
Mac OS 10.8 or newer
Linux (64-bit, supported systems below)

System Requirements
-Windows 7 or newer, 32- or 64-bit
-Mac OS 10.8 or newer, 64-bit Intel*
-Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 6+, Fedora 16+, or Ubuntu 14.04+ (x86-64)
-400 MHz cpu (1 GHz recommended), 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 20 MB hard drive space
-Graphics card supporting 1024 x 768 x 16-bit color and OpenGL (24 or 32 bit color recommended)
-Two-button mouse (three-button mouse or two-button mouse with scroll wheel recommended)

*Running Mac OS 10.4 or earlier, or have a Power PC Mac? Please download Silo 2.1.1.

Silo Release Notes

Silo 2.3 Known Issues
All Platforms:
  • FACT exchange between Electric Image Animation Software (EIAS) doesn't appear to work. We are looking into it, and are in contact with the EIAS folks.
  • OBJ export then loaded into Substance Painter causes Substance Painter to crash. There are reports that importing the Silo-made OBJs into another package first (like Roadkill) and then exporting again will produce OBJs that Substance Painter can read properly.
  • Empty meshes (deleting all polygons out of them) cannot be finally removed from the scene, even in the scene editor. A workaround is to select the empty object in the scene editor, create a polygon with the Polygon Tool, select it in object mode, and then delete it.
  • Meshes with non-standard topology, such as having three or more faces share the same edge, will cause subdivision to produce corrupted results. Boolean operations and other operations may also fail on such meshes. It is planned in the future to have a mesh cleaner operation that can help remove problematic pieces of geometry for situations like this.
Linux Only:
  • Some desktop environments, such as Gnome, bind the Alt key to move windows by default. You must go into the window or keyboard preferences of your desktop environment to use a different key (such as "super") instead, so that Silo's default use of Alt for camera movement will work.
Windows Only:
  • Old data from Silo 2.2 and before may reside in the "Silo Data" folder inside "My Documents". This old data may cause issues as the newer Silo will try to use it as-is. If you run into missing icons, key bindings, or other issues, please rename Silo Data to something else. Silo will recreate the folder with the new default Silo 2.3 data, and you will be able to set up your preferences after that from within Silo.