Frequently Asked Questions
How do I play?

1. Choose Quickplay or Endless, then choose a speed class.
2. Tap falling blocks to fill them with the current color from the queue. You can tap the blocks in any order. Try to group by color.
3. Tap fallen color groups to delete them. If the screen fills, you're out!

For more points:
- Multiple groups in a row form a combo. The combo lasts until you assign a new color.
- Your multiplier increases with the combo. Get a 5x combo for maximum points!
- Five or more blocks forms a Massive, seven or more forms a Supermassive.

From Neophyte to Grand Master:
- Complete all four achievements to progress to the next level.
- Go online with OpenFeint or Game Center to compare scores with friends, and see world and local leaderboards.

Want more? Take a look at the How-To Video (YouTube).

What is the difference between Endless and Quickplay modes?
Quickplay mode is a 2 minute game mode perfect for those spare moments in the day. The goal in Quickplay is to get the best stats - the highest points in Score, Skill, and Grade, and the highest level. All games start at Level 1, and the speed class simply determines how fast the blocks will start falling. The falling speed will increase as you play. (Note: the faster the blocks fall, the more blocks you get over the course of the game, and the more opportunities you have to build combos and get points. You also have more opportunities to make mistakes.)

Endless mode is a game mode for when you want to test your endurance. It's also great for zen-like relaxing (if you start slow). The goal in Endless is to get the most points and to survive the longest. As in Quickplay mode, the game will speed up as you play. The speed class here determines both how fast the blocks will start falling as well as what level you start at. (Each level is associated with a defined speed.) For example, while Slow starts at Level 1, Normal starts at Level 11.

I understand Score. How is Skill calculated?
The Skill system in Shibuya works by average points per feat over the course of one game. It's only applicable in Quickplay mode, and only registers if you survive the full 2 minutes.

For example, if you were able to get a 5x combo (350 points) each and every time, your Skill at the end of the game would be 350. If you got one 5x combo (350) and then lower point-value accomplishments (1x combos, 3x combos, etc), your Skill at the end would be the sum of all points divided by the number of accomplishments, and it would be less than 350.

What is the ultimate title I can earn in Shibuya?
Once you've gotten started with the game, you begin as a lowly Neophyte. Progressing through the ranks, you can someday hope to become a Grandmaster, and then enter the world of the Theoretical.

How does the "Reach Level X in Endless" feat work? I'm way past that level but it doesn't get checked off!
The key is that you have to start the game below the specified level. Since in Endless mode different Speed modes start at different levels, you may be starting out higher than level X.

Let's take the "Reach Level 2 in Endless" achievement as an example. You'll note that the full text is "Reach Level 2 in Endless (Slow)". Since Slow is the only speed that will start on Level 1, you need to play in that mode in order to actually reach Level 2. If you started on Normal, you would begin on Level 11, in which case you would be well past Level 2 and never actually reach it.

This music is awesome. What is it?
The music for Shibuya is from Millionyoung's EP, Be So True.

Shibuya is suddenly behaving strangely! What should I do?
Try rebooting your device. To do this on your iPhone, hold down the sleep/wake button at the top right of the phone until the "Slide to Power Off" slider appears. Slide the slider to turn the phone off. Once the phone is off, hold down the sleep/wake button again to turn the phone back on and simply wait for the iPhone to reboot.

I rebooted and Shibuya is still behaving strangely! Now what should I do?
You may want to try deleting and re-downloading Shibuya, in case something has gone wrong with the file on your device.

According to our tests and reports from other users, deleting and then downloading will not charge you a second time for the app; however, please be aware that we have no control over the app store itself, so we can't make a guarantee. (It will appear you are buying the program a second time, and then after clicking to download a message should pop up saying that you already own the program and asking if you would like to re-download it for free.)

When will the next update come out?
The timing of the updates depends on the features we add as well as the turnaround time when we submit the updates, so it's hard to predict when the next one will come out.