Find your own style at the press of a button
Infinicam is a process of photographic discovery and sharing. With each press of the New Camera button, Infinicam generates a new and unique randomized camera style (represented by a 7-digit code) which combines a wide array of photographic effects borrowed from analog cameras and film.

Any filter effect can be framed by a border of your choice (swipe up and down to change the border, or select from the list). Infinicam features many high-quality film-style borders to choose from, as well as simple black or white borders, or no border at all.

The last digit of your filter code determines the border. Learn which number/letter goes with each border.

Additional Features
Discover New Looks
Tap the New Camera button to see a new random filter, or press and hold to enter in a code. Going far beyond the usual range of toy cameras, there are literally billions of possible camera styles to discover, and advanced algorithms in place to assure a high hit rate of unique, high quality results.
Make it Yours
Begin with the default set of filters, then grow your set. When you find a look you like, toggle the star switch to save it to your Favorites. As you discover and add new filters, the app becomes your personalized photo studio.

The Extra Tools You Want
Click on the crop button and slide the guide rails to frame your photo how you like it. Accidently swipe away from a discovery? Find it in the camera history. Infinicam also includes full-resolution saving, iOS4 retina-display support, and more.

Share Your Photos and Your Filters
Love an image? Love a filter? Simply email a filtered image from within the app, and your friend will get both when they open it within Infinicam on their device. Don't want to send a photo? You can share a filter by simply sending the code.
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